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The Box

liverI’m not sure why but I glanced back at the sterile looking box that was skillfully taped up by professional hospital workers.  This wasn’t just any package we were carrying. This white box had a black and green label that read:

LIVER – Donated Human Organ Tissue for Transplant

Handle With Care

Handle with care. The words played over a few times in my mind. Of course we were handing this precious cargo with care. But I was thinking back to earlier in the day.  Before I got a call to fly this medivac mission to transport a human liver.

Besides being a jet charter pilot I sell Title Insurance. My Title job plays out during the day and for one reason or another most of these medivac flights happen at night.

Earlier that day a Realtor, Alice (pseudonym) called with a question. She knew the answer but just wanted  validation. To make certain. Sort of like a kid asking again, “Do I have to go to school?”

 Here’s the story

Alice started telling me the story which went like this.  During her lifetime a very successful woman, Sally (pseudonym), worked diligently to acquire several properties as well as portions of other properties she jointly owned with various investors.

Alice the Realtor went on.

Owning multiple properties served Sally well and she lived comfortably. Sally’s intent was to leave her legacy to her three children. Ironically, Sally, a smart, hard working woman who probably knew better, died without a will or a trust.

No Will, No Trust

“With no will and no trust the property has to go through probate,” I confirmed what the Realtor Alice already knew. How sad.

Without a will or trust, the probate court will take a large share of the money that could have gone to the kids.

Your hard earned money will go to the court instead of to your loved ones

You can look at it like this. If you don’t spend the time and money to prepare a will and trust (more specifically a trust) while you’re alive, then you’ll have to pay the court to do your dirty work once you’re dead. It’s really that simple.

I’ve heard every quotient excuse from the same equation.

  • No it doesn’t matter what the intent was.
  • No it doesn’t matter who lives in the house, or who’s paying the bills.
  • No it doesn’t automatically go to your siblings.

You must have a will and a trust if you want your property to transfer smoothly and without expense to the person(s) of your choice. Plain and simple. And yet, so few people actually make the necessary preparations. Why?

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Note:  I’m a Slash Careerist. Besides being a Title Company Account Executive I’m also a Charter Pilot.  Comments made here are my own and do not necessarily belong to my employers; Chicago Title & Escrow or Chrysler Aviation.

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