Your perspective; am I unable to settle, or do I have an insatiable appetite to try everything at least once?

I’ve had three careers and as many ventures. My careers have been as diverse as one could imagine.

At age 15 I got into radio. 20 years later I became a record executive and then, a Pilot. Flying was supposed to be a hobby but it turned into a “job”, that is, if one could possibly consider flying a “job”.

Presently I’m an Account Executive/Assistant Vice President for Chicago Title & Escrow in addition to being a Part 135 Captain for a jet charter company. How do you link entertainment with flying airplanes and Real Estate finance?  I’m just discovering now.

I only write because I can’t help myself.

The stories I tell are true. Sometimes the names are withheld for privacy. Opinions are mine and not those of any of my employers.


One response to “About

  1. Bruce Pitman

    I sit on two boards also. One is a 10′-0″ Wayne Rich modern classic noserider and the other is a 9′-8″ Stewart Hydro Hull, but my professional surfing career has not taken off yet. 😦

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