Even Windy Knows That

I stuck a French fry in my mouth, wiped my fingers on the yellow logo’d napkin and swiped the iPad in search of  more information.

“Do you ever get tired after eating?” Her voice was young, too young, sweet, but slightly annoying at this point. This was her third time stopping by my table. She was smiling. Her smile cute, sort of innocent, at least compared to mine. My smile is genuine but I have seen divorce, death, debt, broken dreams. She hasn’t yet.

Glancing at her name tag I spoke her name in my head, Paola. Out of my mouth I said, “Sometimes.” I smiled back.

Almost subconsciously shields were going up. I have a girl friend. What does she want with me?  My ego tried to convince me I could be like Doug Hutchison but experience warned me there must be a catch.

She kept talking. “Oh because I do. After I eat I just want to take a nap.” I muttered back, “Yeah me too, sometimes,” I bit another fry. She walked away and I watched. A few tables down she stopped and spoke to the family sitting there.

Has Windy’s hired greeters? Everything made sense now. She wasn’t trying to hit on me. She was offering CUSTOMER SERVICE. Ok so she’s not a master at it yet, a little awkward, but she had made my experience eating another yeah, yeah, whatever hamburger a little better, a little more engaging, than going into say a FatBurger.

Windy must have seen a study showing how even a little bit of customer service pays significant dividends over the long term. And that’s exactly why I concentrate, focus, work on, and continually deliver a high level of customer service to my loyal clients.

Any Title company can sell you a policy. But not all Title companies will go out of their way to provide useful and reliable information helping Realtors improve their work experience, seven days a week, at any hour- any time.

Last Saturday a Realtor asked if I could search a property for tax liens. They had a listing appointment on Sunday and they forgot to gather that important information the Friday before. They knew… they didn’t have to hope… they knew they could call me on a Saturday and I’d deliver. And I did.

Customer Service is a lost art in this Country. Businesses have allowed that simple tool to vanish into spreadsheets. Service with a smile is gasping on life support. Too bad too because a little bit of kindness, customer support, does go a long way. Even Windy knows that!



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2 responses to “Even Windy Knows That

  1. Rachel LaMar, J.D.


    I truly enjoyed this blog! It drew me in like a novel, had me curious to find out more, and had a terrific message about customer care. I look forward to more great musings…you’ve set the bar high for yourself – bravo!

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